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Great News

In early 2018 the KPC Support team decided to resume selling electronic components chosen to be of use to the railway modeller. 

Some are what was sold previously by our sister company, Locomotive Model Shop, some which were used in KPC products and some are new additions.

At the moment we do not have an online price list or web pages where one can order our products online.  Eventually we will be organising our stocks and building web page templates then go online, a page at a time.

We expected to have the new website in operation by February but it hadn't to be. Our stand-in webmaster had an accident, bashed her head in a fall and forgot all her computer passwords.  It has taken us ages to figure out her FTP password to gain access to the server at UK2.NET.

One may expect our new web pages a few months or so into the future, as Tom has been lumbered with the webmaster position and he really does not have enough hours in the day to do everything we want him to do.  We will be adding them in stages so final completion may be several months away.

If you need any form of KPC support for feedback controllers or capacitor discharge units, in the meantime please call Tom on 01900 604527 or email lms.model.rail@gmail.com


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