We wish to inform all our customers that Kent Panel Controls is not going to produce in the foreseeable future, feedback controllers.  These are the controllers that uses the back-emf from the engine's motor to regulate speed.   These are what we used to market in the past as the KPC Feedback Controller.

We wish to thank all of our past feedback controller customers for their custom and support

What is not changing is the fact we will still provide a feedback controller repair, upgrade and a technical support service.

In 2012 we said we were developing a controller using a voltage regulator circuit instead of a detection circuit that measures the back EMF of a motor.  To avoid confusion we are going to call these "Pure DC Controllers" although they apply voltage feedback in the control microchip. 

Progress has been slow with development of these units and we are still doing extensive tests on the latest version.  Only one person is developing this controller and because he is a very busy man he will not rush things.

When we are nearer to production we will provide details on this website and also submit them to the UK Model Shops Directory.  Click here for their website.

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