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This layout is retired and dismantled

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The Introduction Page

This layout began as a private venture and after a year it was shared with members of the newly formed Workington Model Railway Club.  It went through several stages and materialised as the station everyone knows as Workington Main. 

Back in 1972 and before the layout was under construction a few friends formed a group to research the railways of West Cumberland and we called ourselves the Workington LNWR Group.  There was only a handful of members and all our meetings were informal.  We took our name from the title the London & North Western Railway chose for the station they built at Workington. We would take photos of local railways as they were going through several changes in 1972.  This group still survives today albeit after several name changes and we are known as the Workington Main Railway Group or WMR-Group for a shortened name..  One can find out more about the Group by clicking on "Other Pages" in the floating menu

As more and more people joined our band of modelling friends we decided to form a club who's interests were just railway modelling. 

The Workington layout was adopted as the club's running layout but it still remained the property of myself and I could veto any proposals the club wanted to do where the layout was concerned.  For ten years I never had to use my powers of veto.  I supplied most of the materials that was needed to progress with the layout in order to keep it within my control.  The original layout had heaps of electronic relays to make operating the layout simple for a couple of operators, but as more and more people joined the my band of friends the electronic devices made things more complex.  When I redesigned the track layout the relays were removed and simple track section feeds were introduced and went from a solid control panel that housed two Hammant & Morgan Duette controllers.  Pointwork was controlled by H&M SM3 pointmotors, protected by a capacitor discharge unit. 

The Workington MRC put on its first exhibition and Workington Main made its first appearance to the viewing public.  From there the layout began its run on the exhibition circuit.

It has appeared at the Easter Barrow in Furness exhibition two times.
Once at the Kendal MR exhibition
Two times at the Workington MR exhibition in the Carnegie Theatre
Once at the one and only British Rail Workington Open day

The layout was very heavy and took two members to carry a single baseboard.  This was a major factor why some bookings were turned down.  Too many people were needed to carry the ten baseboards that made up the layout and other equipment such as legs and the control panel.

After it had been exhibited at several shows members were reluctant to dismantle the layout for shows and besides after around six or more years use it was showing signs of old age.  The layout was eventually retired and placed in storage in a small room next to the clubroom. 

After the club disbanded the layout became in my opinion, a liability so I removed the good trackwork to use on an American outline layout and The Workington Main layout was no more.  The steel parts of the pointmotors began to rust and were not worth recycling. so they were left on the baseboards and everything that could not be recycled went to the rubbish tip.

A popular layout with its owner, club members and public alike but all that remains is a few pieces of track and pointwork, some LNWR pattern water columns and a handful of photos.  The layout had been compressed to fit into the premises and to build a second layout of Workington Main was the last thing on my mind.  I think I once considered building it in N gauge but it was only a passing thought.


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