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Hudson & Madison Railroad            

The Intro Page

For the visitors to this web page who don't know, Madison is the capital city in Wisconsin, USA and my Hudson is not named after a stretch of water in Canada or a river in the city of New York, but it is the name of another city in Wisconsin.  My railroad was named after two cities in Wisconsin joined together by a railroad.

This loft layout was to be the ultimate in layouts but the pressures of owning and operating one's own Taxi business put the brakes on the project.  Work on converting the loft dragged on and on and stopped when I owned the taxi business.  I spent more time at the local model railway club than I should have done.  In 2001 my taxi business had a cash flow problem with the Foot & Mouth disease outbreak to blame.  Many businesses in Cumbria were hit very hard and taxis were no exception.  At one moment in time I nearly sold off all my American outline model railway models, but thank goodness there were other solutions such as throwing in the towel and retiring. 

After a couple of years of forced retirement, I started working again at railway modelling, by boarding out my loft but events led me to turn off my American Modelling at a sharp tangent.  I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for over ten or more years when he took up work in Lancashire.  With following the American modelling trends, I had been quite blind to see what had been developing in the UK model railway scene when my friend showed me how things had changed so much in just over a decade.  Models by Hornby were very reliable and to much finer detail.  He challenged me to have a go at a British Outline layout.  He had been working with EM gauge for several years and he said it was not as difficult as it looked.

I took up the challenge and my attempt at producing an EM gauge layout called Wyndham Row was the outcome.  I boxed up all my American outline stock and stored it on the loft under the bench work that it was intended to run on.  One will be able to visit the section on Wyndham Row by clicking on the link in the left hand menu after selecting "My Model Railways.

I am sorry there are no photos of trackwork laid down with ballasting and scenery.  Events were simply to overtake progress and in a careful analysis of my future modelling trends I decided to abandon the layout for a British outline one sometime in the future.  The layout to take my American H0 layout will be Mardale 2.

A NEW Hudson & Madison
layout ?

Maybe sometime in the future I will build a small switching layout that is similar to another, one of my friends operates and takes to exhibitions.  Time will tell for I have so many ideas and plans but some will never materialise before I become too old to do modelling. Seriously I don't think so.  I think I may build a small American layout but i feel a better affection to the Santa Fe I first started with.  Last year I bought a ATSF rebuild in the guise of a CF7 road unit.  These were rebuilds of the Santa Fe F7 hood units.

Many thanks for choosing to visit my web pages.  

 Tom Jenkins 2014

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