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Wyndham Row Layout
EM Gauge)


Wyndham Row was my first excursion into 4mm/foot EM Gauge modelling. The layout although an imaginary one is based on the true to life Cleator & Workington Junction Railway's Northern Extension main line that ran from Calva Junction to Linefoot Junction on the Derwent Branch of the Maryport & Carlisle Railway.

In the imaginary world of model railways the Wyndham Row branch  ran from Broughton Moor to Linefoot Junction. Traffic on the line is comprised of the finished products from a brickworks and the coal produced by local collieries. I have used actual colliery names that existed in real life. Wyndham Row was the original name of the mining village that as it grew and grew and later was renamed Broughton Moor. There is in reality a row of cottages in the village called Wyndham Row.

My period of operation is set between the end of WW1 and the beginning of WW2. In early LMS days many former pre-grouping engines and wagons continued to operate in the colours of the original companies. Some were repainted into LMS colours and it is this mixture that gives an interesting variety of locos and wagons. There is also a passenger service and a variety of small passenger engines can be seen.  Coal mining outputs from the pits stopped in the early 1920s but in my self contained imaginary universe coal mining continued right up to and after WW2.

The track was a combination of SMP EM gauge flexi track and SMP code 75 flat bottom rail soldered to printed circuit sleepers  Points or to give them their technical name - turnouts were hand built using the same source of code 75 rail and printed circuit sleepers.

Locomotives were a mixture of scratch and kit built ones along with a Bachman 0-6-0T "Jinty" with modified driving wheels.  The Sharpe Stewart 0-6-0 tender engine was not an entire kit as some etchings that was produced once as a kit were sourced and used as a short cut to producing a scratch built engine.  In fact more of the loco was scratch built than kit built

The LNWR Coal Tank was a left over from my first Mardale layout, the 00 axles being changed for EM ones. It started off as a Kays kit but had a replacement set of driving wheels very early in its life.  The FR 0-6-2T tank loco was another 00 kit that used a crude Triang Hornby RTR chassis.  A scratch built chassis was needed and built.  The LNWR 2-4-2T Radial Tank is kit built but the LNWR 0-4-2T Chopper Tank was scratch built by my best friend Andy Wright. 

Wagons were a combination of re-wheeled RTR, scratch and kit built.  The station building was based on the prototype Cleator & Workington Station at Seaton. 

After the layout finished its last exhibition it was put into store in Maryport.  Unauthorised visitors to the building it was stored in vandalised the layout and when it was examined I decided to dismantle it rather than rebuild and put right the wilful damage.  Track was recovered for a possible future layout.  The station building will be used on my Mardale 2 layout.  All the engines were cleaned and lubricated and carefully put into storage waiting for the next EM Gauge layout.

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